I have been lucky enough to live in Berwick all my life and it doesn’t surprise me in the least that many people are coming to live here now.  It is an absolute gem.  A world away from violence and traffic jams it is indeed a place by itself.  Berwick is as far north as you can get before you reach Scotland and it is 60 miles south of Edinburgh and 57 miles north of Newcastle upon Tyne! We are legally in England with two miles to go before we enter Scotland but for 400 years Berwick indeed belonged to Scotland and its architecture is that of a Scottish border town with the river Tweed reaching its journey’s end here.

The Tweed is a world famous salmon river and starts as a trickle outside Moffat near Tweedsmuir and after traveling 97 miles enters the North Sea at Berwick. One of the highlights of visiting the town is viewing the three magnificent bridges that cross the Tweed at Berwick .You forget how strong the current is and it takes the floods at Appleby and Cockermouth recently to remind you how strong the force of nature is.  One lad got killed trying to swim the tweed in a yearly race 36 years ago. There is a rowing club now which has a large membership and a sailing club on the other side of the water.

Berwick is loved most by people who love being by the sea and enjoy architecture. (It has more listed buildings for a town of its size than anywhere else in England).  It’s nautical history is fascinating having been the wealthiest seaport in Scotland

It’s history is unique having changed hands between England and Scotland 13 times. James 1 was hammer of the scots and he massacred every man woman and child in the town in 1296. The streets ran with blood for days. He wanted to teach the scots a lesson that they could not have Berwick.  Elizabeth 1 later during her reign spent £22,000 building walls round the old town and 4 amazing gateways into it that closed at 8pm at night . The walls completely encircle the town and are the 2nd best in Europe. They are very similar to Luca in Italy. Indeed an Italian architect was employed to design them.  Our boutique guest house is within the Elizabethan walls and just a stones throw from the oldest of the three bridges . It is a grade 2 listed house with stunning original features such as inglenook fireplaces, stained  glass, Georgian cupboards and staircases.

If you have ever stayed in a national trust house or a landmark trust house you will appreciate the joy of staying in a heritage building.

Berwick has a population of 15,000

It has a railway station which is on the main east coast railway line.

It has 4 art galleries

A golf course

A marks and Spencer’s !

A micro bar

A chocolate shop

A ice cream parlour

20 restaurants

A youth hostel

A theatre

Tesco, Asda, Morrisons

The Royal bank of Scotland

The bank of Scotland

Barclays Bank


Boots the chemist



A flower shop or two

5 fish and chip shops

A leisure centre

A bike shop

It is very dog friendly too

Berwick is the closest town to holy island (lindisfarne ) which is only 9 miles away.